The following people have already announced their presence at the ESOP web video conference:

(listed in alphabetical order of the surname)

Name Country Lecture
Pascal ANDRE France -
Pierre BARROY France -
Emmanuel BROCHARD France -
Pietro Baruffetti italy -
Karl-Ludwig Bath Germany -
Wolfgang Beisker Germany tbd
Pierre-Michel Bergé France -
Henk Bulder Netherlands -
Ricard Casas Catalonia -
Alexandre Cazaux France -
Claudio Costa Italia -
Gerhard Dangl Austria -
Peter Delincak Slovakia -
Andreas Dill Belgium -
Chad Ellington Germany / USA -
Leonard Entwisle United Kingdom -
Thomas Marshall Eubanks USA Occultations in the Era of Gaia: Towards Whole Sky Monitoring
João Ferreira France Performance of occultation astrometry with Gaia DR2
Edwin Goffin Belgium -
Konrad Guhl Germany tbd
Tim Haymes UK -
Dave Herald Australia Don't know yet....
Reiner Hopfer Germany -
Jost Jahn Germany -
Adrian Jones UK -
Björn Kattentidt germany -
Bernd Klemt Germany -
Oliver Klös Germany tbd
Detlef Koschny Netherlands -
Roman Kostenko Ukraine -
Mike Kretlow Germany Results of the 2019 Stellar Occultations by (50000) Quaoar
Jiří Kubánek Česko -
Arnaud Leroy France -
Peter Lindner Deutschland -
Anna Marciniak Poland Modelling and scaling neglected asteroids
Stefan Meister Switzerland -
Brian Mills UK -
Michael OConnell Ireland -
Johannes M. Ohlert Germany -
Frederic Pailler France -
Carlos Perelló Spain -
Miroslav Polacek Czech Republic -
Jiří Polák Czech Republic -
Alex Pratt United Kingdom tbd
Andrea Richichi Thailand/Italy Latest developments and results at professional observatories
Thomas Rolfes Germany -
Marc SERRAU France -
Carles Schnabel Catalonia -
Antoni Selva Spain -
Costantino Sigismondi ITALY The partial and nearly grazing solar eclipse of June 21, 2020 and solar diameter measurements
Julio Spagnotto Argentina -
Jef Van Camp Belgium -
Serge Vasseur France -
Derrick Ward UK -
Dr. Christian Weber DE tbd
Nikolai Wuensche Germany -
Patrick Wullaert France -
Henk de Groot Netherlands -
and 3 others.